Container mobile home suppliers from China: packed containers, folding containers, double-wing extended container houses

about us

We are a container house manufacturer from China located in Hengshui City, Hebei Province, China, the factory covers an area of 20 acres, the development of many years, the formation of the province's sizeable modular temporary building production base, the annual production capacity of 800,000 square meters, sales in a number of countries and regions, the products are exported to Asia, Europe, Africa, the Americas and other regions, and a lot of foreign trading companies have formed a solid trade relationship, and there are also many end customers directly from my! We have formed solid trade relations with many foreign trading companies, and many end-users also purchase directly from us.

china huaying container house factory

Our company mainly provides temporary housing solutions for construction sites in China, and from 2018, we have entered the international market. The expandable space container houses developed by our company have the advantages of convenient transportation, easy installation, and can be turned over and reused many times, and we can customize them according to the needs of our customers. To know more about our products, you can click the product description in our website.

Leading Manufacturer

China local enterprise, with more than 10 years of experience in the production and research of containerized mobile homes, design, production, OEM production, after-sales HUAYING has a set of advanced solutions to provide one-stop solutions for global customers.

High production efficiency

Stable supply of upstream and downstream supporting products, can produce 100 container houses per day, to meet your needs for a large number of houses in a short period of time, earthquake relief houses, staff dormitory houses in the shortest possible time supply.

Excellent quality

We have a good relationship with large construction units in China, and our products are widely used by workers in construction sites and field exploration. The products are constantly upgraded and their performance is gradually improved, with heat preservation, heat insulation, waterproof and wind resistance.

Client-Centric Approach:

Our primary focus remains steadfastly on meeting customer requirements. We persistently refine and enhance our products and services to cater to their needs, striving to generate significant value for them. Manufacturing Excellence:

With cutting-edge production equipment and a stringent quality control regimen, we pledge to furnish top-notch products, tailored precisely to meet our customers’ diverse preferences.

Technological Prowess:

Our unwavering commitment to research and development fuels our ability to offer the most advanced technologies and solutions. Our aim is to empower our customers’ business growth and success.

Design & Consultation Expertise:

Leveraging an adept team of over 20 designers, each with an average tenure exceeding 12 years, we provide innovative architectural solutions to help bring our clients’ dream projects to life.

Advertising & Media Ingenuity:

Our proficient creative and execution teams craft holistic advertising solutions, augmenting brand visibility and boosting sales performance for our clientele. Global Reach:

With a vast customer and partner network spanning the globe, our products and services have made significant inroads into numerous countries and regions. Our commitment lies in furnishing global solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

Social Accountability:

Advocates of sustainable development and environmental preservation, we actively engage in philanthropic endeavors, endeavoring to uplift community life and enhance overall quality of living.